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About me

I’m now one of the co-founder of Stamus Networks a company providing Suricata based network probe appliances.
I’m also a freelance consultant in security and free software. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in hiring me for a mission.

I’m member of Netfilter coreteam, the decision-making team for the packet filtering framework inside Linux. I’m the official maintainer of ulogd2, the userspace logging daemon. I’m also team member of OISF where I developed on Suricata, the IDS/IPS.
I’ve created and have been lead of the NuFW project aimed at creating identity based enterprise firewall.
You can find here more information about my projects and contributions.

A frequent speaker in french free software or security conferences, I also write articles in the specialized press like Linux Magazine France. For example, I was the main author of the Netfilter special issue. I’m also co-founder of the INL/EdenWall company where I succeeded as CTO to build enterprise-grade network appliances based on NuFW. You can find more information in my resume.


You can contact me by sending an e-mail to eric AT regit.org.

I’m Regiteric on Twitter.

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