I’m developing free software since the end of the 20th century. I’m mainly working on software related to network and security.

Personal projects

I’ve started the following projects:

  • NuFW: the authenticating firewall (forked as ufwi)
  • Nulog: Netfilter log analysis
  • NuApplet: A NuFW client under the form of a GTK applet
  • NF3D: a Netfilter visualisation tool
  • lagfactory: a script to simulate high latency network on standard one
  • coccigrep: a semantic grep based on coccinelle
  • opensvp: a firewall testing tool
  • suriwire: plugin for wireshark which display Suricata alert


I’m part of Suricata coding staff. I worked on the IPS part of Suricata engine and in other areas mostly related to optimization.

I’m a member of Netfilter coreteam and I am maintainer of ulogd2 the userspace logging daemon for Netfilter/iptables.

You can get detailed information about my contributions on my Ohloh profile for Regit.

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