Jozsef Kadlecsik, ipset status

Tc interaction

tc interaction has been contributed by Florian Westphal. It is thus now possible to use a set match to differentiate Qos or routing of packet. This opens a wide area for experimentation.

Packet and byte counters

This is a fairly larger rewriting of set element and extensions which adds packets and bytes counters to the element.

The syntax has been updated:

ipset add   packets n bytes m

It is also possible to do check on counters !! For example, ipset will be able to do a match on a set and to refine the selection by specifying the number of packets we must have seen before matching. Counters can also be updated in the set match.

This will permit some really interesting possibilities to the rules writers.

This work is currently in progress and should be released really soon.


nftables is containing a set system which is serving almost the same target. But there is some difference in them. nftables set can be used to parameter a rules: a set can be made with a list of interface: port and a DNAT rules can be written where it will choose the destination port to NAT to depending on the interface.
So it is possible to define ipset set as performance specialized set that could be implemented and used by nftables.

Jozsef Kadlecsik is speaking about the extension of conntrackd to ipset and maybe nftables rules. This would allow to fully synchronized hosts. It is found to be really interesting by the attendees and should be do and provided as an option.

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