Holger Eitzenberger: experiences from making Network Stack Multicore

Holger want to describe its experience when switching from monocore system to mutiticore system at Astaro Sophos.
They used:

  • RPS: Receive packet steering
  • RFS:Receive flow steering
  • XPS: Transmit flow steering

They are using a 2.6.32 kernel and they had to backport the code but this was quite easy because the code is self-contained. irqbalance is not RPS and XPS aware and it is know to degrade performance. Holger decide then to start a new project.

This is named (for the moment) irqd. It is able to differentiate hardware multiqueue and RPS and it uses a netlnk interface to communicate.

The information that are used to determine how to dispatch the load is separate in a lot of files and that was one of the difficulty.

What seems strange is that the default in multiqueue and RPS/XPS are not good and clearly failed the “choose sane defaults” principle.

The work on irqd is still in progress, it is working but there is currently no configuration file and it thus can not be easily tuned. It is available on github and Holger encourage everyone to have a look and try to improve the software.

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