Holger Eitzenberger: speeding up selective conntrack flush

At times it is necessary to flush UNREPLIED connection tracking entries for connectionless protocols if there are NAT rules involved. For example this is the case when a ipsec or a ppp connection goes up. Without doing that the connection are not correctly NATed because the topology change has not been taken into account.

Doing this in userspace with the conntrack-tools was taking long like minutes on some setup. They thus decide to put in kernel space and this is now only taking milliseconds instead of minutes.

Holger wants to know if somebody has another solution for this problem (or if someone see generic usage of their features).

Discussion shows that the explanation of the slowness was the fact that conntrack-tools force you to delete connection one by one. Other points were discussed like the fact that connection tracking could in someway react to this topology change. The discussion is planned to continue during the way back to the hotel.

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