Samir Bellabes: userspace security for network syscalls – snet

Snet is an LSM module which treat network access. It is composed of a kernel part, a library and a tool.

In the kernel, event are generated for protocol and syscall, for example tcp and listen. It is then possible through a ticket system to decide if a process has the right to the event. For example, you can tell firefox can open connections to outside. A netlink protocol is used to communicate with userspace. Thus this is possible in userspace to take the decision by issuing ticket and sending it to kernel.

snet-tool is used to manage events and provide a interface to user.

If the computer is also running a firewall, there is two layers of filtering and there is for the moment no way to say: this software is listening to a port and has the right to, then the firewall should be open. A way to fix this would be to create expectation in the connection tracking to dynamically open the flow.

Crash of the userspace part is discussed. Some mechanisms have been set like application of a default policy if userspace does not answer after a configurable delay. And the use of tickets permit to have a working system without userspace running.

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