Oisf brainstorming: planning phase 3 (take 1)

Performance improvement

As shown by Victor’s latest work on performance counters, there is a lot of work that can be done to improve performance. They are currently good but there is place for improvement. Proposal to provide off-loading or clustering is done. This is heavily discussed but as pointed out by Victor, it will be more interesting to do this in the next phase. Phase 3 should focus in improvement of current code. This will permit to use the upcoming Suricata killing features like global flow variable.

SSL preprocessor

Following the recent certicate authority attacks, a SSL preprocessor which is able to detect blacklist certificate and other things will be really interesting. It could also detect certificate property change whan connection to host or similar things.

Decryption is not seen by the participants of the webex has important. Decryption would be performance killer without accelerator. Thus a limitation to certificate analysis is at first an interesting target

IP and DNS reputation

The idea is too exchange IP reputation between sensors to protect themself against offensive hosts as soon as it has been identified on one sensor. This requires exchange between nodes and this is already done by other projects. Doing it alone in Suricata would be to big and thinking about adding a way to interact easily with this project could be a first step.

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