Fabio Massimo Di Nitto: Kronosnet.org

Kronosnet is a “I conceived it when drunk but it works well” VPN implementation. It is using an Ether TAP for the VPN to provide a lyaer 2 vpn. To avoid reinventing the wheel, it is delegating most of the work to the kernel. It supports multilink and redundancy of servers. On multilink side, 8 links can be done per-host to help redundancy.

One of the use of this project is the creation of private network in the cloud as it can be easily setup to provide redundancy and connection for a lot of clients (64k simultaneous clients). And because a layer 2 VPN is really useful for this type of usage.

Configuration is made via a CLI comparable to the one of classical routers.

Fabio has run a demonstration on 4 servers and shows that cutting link has no impact on a ping flood thanks to the multilink system.

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