Jan Engelhardt: Free form discussion

Jan starts its presentation by talking about its Distro Availability Matrix of Netfilter tech page. It contains the software and their versions in a lot of distributions.

Next subject is the discussion about maintaining translations of iptables man page. The team is international and could translate in a few language the man pages. But the question is about finding volunteers in the long term. Jan is alright with taking in charge the synchronization of translation. Any volunteers for translation is welcome.

Then, Jan starts a discussion about hs work on Xtables2. The discussed point is switching iptables to netlink. The issue is that iptables command are huge in size and the size of a netlink pakcet is limited. There is thus an issue to solve. One of the possibility is to use continuation message which are supported by netlink. But the problem of cutting the message in the correct place is not easy. During the discussion, clarifications on how to forge huge netlink message appear.

Last subject is about maintening Netfilter. David Miller post a message on netdev complaining about Netfilter mainteners. Patrick and Pablo are currently working on having a git tree that they could share. This should help to speed up reaction of the mainteners. Doing a lot of work on iptables, Jan will soon have a account on Netfilter to be able to push patches to iptables official git tree.

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