Matt Jonkman: introduction speech

Matt presents the goal of the OISF brainstorming session:

  • Make a status of the foundation
  • Grabbing new ideas

The session will be interactive and anybody is invited to participate through physical intendance or webex.

The foundation is non-profitable and aim at building a powerful engine for us all. OISF is member og the HOST program and happily supported by some industrials.

Foundation business

Matt fills he can not give enough times to the foundation due to his work at EmergingThreat and propose to hire a General Manager that would take care of finding the funding and administrative part.

The funding renewal was smallest than planned and the work on getting funding must be increased. Situation is not bad but improvement could be interesting.

Potential major projects

Universal Rules Language

This is a highly difficult problem. It has been wanted by major actors for years but no successfull and clean approach has been found.

Commercial support

A lot of industrials want to have access to commercial support to integrate Suricata in their product. Developers can not do the job but they can form some support people to have them become experts.

OpenDPI/Qosmos integration

The idea is to add support for multiple protocols to be able to provide high level rules for a lot more of protocols.


Digital bound give a copyright usage to the foundation to integrade a preprocessor into Suricata.

Snortsam integration

Snortsam is now a plugin to barnyard and this made it more easy to use.

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