Victor Julien: Development status

Work has started in september 2007. The work depends on some externel library like multithread of input handling library. The main external depedency is libhtp which is initally developped by Ivan Ristic.

The development is managed in a single git repository. Victor is the only one with commit right. The review are done by Victor and cross review are made by developpers.

Work unit for developers are tasks which are written by Victor and describe a specific task to do. This task are mainly done by OISF funded developers. Some simpler task are let to the comunity and everyone can help with this.

To offload Victor’s load, subsystem mainteners are nominated:

  • Eric Leblond: packet acquisition
  • Anoop Saldanha: detection part

They will have freedom on the way to improve the subsystem they are in charge.

The development is currently done with two branches (1.0 which is bug fix only and master). Victor is currently not happy with this and would like to switch to time-based release. This is discussed as this can be difficult for company to deal with frequent updates. A funding of maintenance by companies could help to keep the current working system.

Peter Manev is in charge of the QA. There is a lot of work to do in this area. Unit test is currently good but there is a lot of work to do to improve detection of regression.

Performance has been improved in 1.1 with a focus on efficient algorithm.

CUDA support needs help. The performance is still lower with than without and thus this really need developer power!

Performance profiling have been added recently by Victor and it shows clearly that work is needed on this.

To sum up, the two main areas where help will be most than welcome are QA and performance profiling.

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