Aug 172012

I was looking for some minimal Linux kernel configuration for Virtualbox guest and did only find some old one. I thus decide to build one and to publish them. They are available on github: regit-config

For now, the only published configuration are for Linux kernel 3.5:

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  1. Can you give the size of the resulting kernels binaries ?

  2. Linux-image debian package is 3.2Mo and vmlinuz is 2.3Mo.

  3. Very helpful! Thanks for posting.

  4. Thank you very very very much!!!

  5. You’re welcome 🙂

  6. I just wonder … Doesnt virtualbox virtualize the processor, so that the guest can fully operate on one or two cores? So i could take your config as a starting point and adapt it to my processor?

  7. Hello Ulf.

    Yes this is possible that only small modifications are needed to support a physical host. But you have to be sure the hardware is similar. For example, vbox only provide two type of network cards.

  8. Any chance you are going to rebase this for a more up to date kernel anytime soon? 🙂

  9. +1 on a 3.14 kernel config 😉

  10. make oldconfig should suffice for that, no?

  11. Linux/x86 3.16.3 for VirtualBox, loosely based on this one (make oldconfig):

  12. Very useful! Thank you! I didn’t want to completly compile the VM kernel from scratch. You saved my bacon!

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